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The influences and the sounds that has inspired Ella as a DJ, composer and pianist were mostly not electronic music. Brought up in a nurturing musical environment, the Franco-Brazilian listened from Bossa Nova to Classical music. Thanks to a natural ear, she began playing the piano at an early age, picking up songs from the radio before composing her own. Ella's love affair with electronic music began in the late '90s and early 2000s, when she was introduced to the progressive sounds of electronic music, listening to DJ such as Sasha and John Digweed. She started exploring music production in 2005, before learning how to disk jockey. Later that year, Ella was producing and playing at different venues in her hometown Curitiba, Brazil.

In 2006, she moved to the United States to get a degree in Music Technology while her passion for electronic music increased. As a result, her first single "Sintaque" was released on Beatport in 2009. Originally a project for school, the track got the attention of “A Must Have” record label with its minimalist yet melodic sounds, using sandpaper to replace snare samples and recording other objects in search for original sounds.

She has also released independently a chill out album called Awakening on iTunes under the name E-romand, with some of the tracks being remixed and released on Beatport. Besides being an active composer and music producer, Ella is also currently working on a live performance with the singer/songwriter Emilia Garth called Ella & Emi, where they play and perform their original tracks.
Ella has shared the decks with the likes of Matthew Dekay, Behrouz, Nitin, Serge Devant, YokoO, Henry Saiz, Navid Izadi, Eli & Fur and other, besides performing live where she plays the keyboard along with singers and musicians.

Influenced by the sounds of electronic music and her background on classical piano, she plays deep and tech house with a harmonious taste. Abroad, she has performed in Mozambique; Colombia; France aside from her home country Brazil; while in the US she has performed for the Frieze Art Fair at Soho Hotel (NY), W Hotel (Atlanta), Sandwich Bar (Orlando), as well as III Points Festival and Ultra USA. In Miami, Ella has played from underground parties to top venues such as Zuma, Delano, Basement, Brickell City Center & many more
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